Our Consultation Services

Our Consultation Services

All our BEE consultancy services are based on a sound and proven Methodology designed to address (and cover) all BEE related matters.

These methodologies do not only guarantee the maximum score per BEE element, it also challenges thinking patterns and perceptions of management on BEE related matters.

Our BEE Consulting clients have confirmed that our approach in assisting companies to adapt to the Amended B-BBEE Code, is not only cost effective but also clear and easy to understand.


The most important issue to understand is that you need to be PRO-ACTIVE, and take the required steps, inorder to achieve compliancy in the Amended BEE Codes.


BEE Consultation Process:

Phase 4 & 5 form part of the BEE Verification Process

BEE Consultation Process

If the outcome of the Simulated Scorecard and recommendations of the Project Report are accepted, then only do we proceed with an actual audit. The rational is ..... do not spend money on verifications unless you are comfortable with your BEE Level!

Basic Consultation requirements:

BEE Analyst is known for “simplifying” the BEE Code, with the skills and knowledge to help you to understand the basic principles of the BEE Code, and assist you to collect the required data to successfully complete your BEE verification process according to the B-BBEE Act and BEE Codes. The audit process is based on proven and well tested data collection systems.

No project is too small or too cumbersome.

Optimization of BEE Scorecards

BEE Analyst has developed various detailed Optimization Methodologies to assist companies to improve their BEE Scorecards. These methodologies cover all BEE related elements and departments, taking management through the strengths and weaknesses of your BEE Scorecards.

Optimization is quite often seen as “too expensive” or too much of a business risk, however, with the guidance as support of BEE Analyst we will guide your decision making by providing facts, explaining of the BEE audit criteria, and determining the financial implications of your decisions. Your BEE score improvements are clearly demonstrated in a “Return on Investment” (RoI) model with clear measurement criteria.

Complete outsourcing of all BEE activities

BEE Analyst has extensive experience in the complete outsourcing of BEE activities on behalf of your company. This service is strongly supported by our in-house online BEE system. This option provides complete “piece of mind” to management to focus on core business activities, in stead of being hazzled by BEE compliancy.

BEE Aligned Training Solutions

BEE Analyst provides BEE aligned skills development solutions ranging from SETA accredited learnerships, internships, and accredited short courses, which all qualifies for the relevant Section 12 Tax Rebates, SETA grants and Youth subsidies.

We do have a complete "outsourcing" model available in whcih BEE will recruit, train and provide workplace experience to learners. All stipends and salaries could also be paid via our payroll services facility. A detailed pack of evidence is readily available via our Online Student Management System, providing you complete ease of mind, having access to live updates on student progress, results, and evidence required for BEE verification. 

Design and Implementation of BEE Solutions

BEE Analyst has a proven track record in the design and successful implementation of BEE solutions, ranging from SETA Registered Learnerships, to BEE Ownership Solutions, to networking in order to improve procurement from black owned businesses.

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