BEE Analyst & Associates use a "State-of-the-Art" IT system as a basis for the provision of BEE Consultation and Verification services.

The system is available as an online application, making it accessible from almost  anywhere.

The main features of the system:

  • The B-BBEE calculator and scenario planning tool, is able to handle all scorecards unde the Amended BEE COdes, as well as all sub-sector codes
  • Central database of BEE certificates, exceeding 21 000 valid certificates
  • As a Microsoft-based application, it implies an easy and trouble free interface
  • Easy to use with a Microsoft Excel “look and feel”
  • Certificate renewals – previous/existing client database can be imported into the system in order to save time and money
  • Snap-shot functionality for workshops and group discussions (access to internet not required)

BEE IT System

Monthly updates and quarterly forecast

Many clients are using the IT system as a management tool to update BEE data on a regular basis.   This approach works towards the forward thinking that BEE should be a normal monthly business process instead of an “annual event”.  Quarterly forecasts on the status of BEE activities assist management to take informed business decisions, in the most cost effective manner.

Reporting Functionality

Besides the functionality to “copy and paste” data from different system screens, the system has a wide range of standard reports available, customizable to your specific needs.