BEE Special Solutions

We can assist you with very specific and specialized BEE solutions on all BEE elements:


  • Establishment and Registration of Employee Ownership Schemes, including Employee Trusts
  • Establishment and Registration of Co-Operatives or other forms of Broad based Ownership Schemes
  • Direct BEE Investment Partners
  • "Sleeping" / Indirect BEE Partners - not neccessarily involved in the day-to-day management of your business

Management Control:

  • Recruitment and appointment of BEE Directors and Senior Management
  • Design and Implementation of Management Development Programmes

Employment Equity:

  • Employment Equity Analysis with the focus on promotional and career growth opportunities for black people
  • Recruitment of qualified and experienced Junior, Middle and Senior Managers
  • Recruitment and Training of Disabled People
  • Preparation and Submission of Work Skills Plans (WSP)
  • Preparation and facilitation of Employment Equity Plans, incl EEA2's

BEE Aligned Skills Development Solutions:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Design and Implementation of Learnerships across all industry sectors, including (Managerial, Sales, Financial, General Management, Call Center Technology) and many more
  • Apprenticeships, including but not limited to Welding, CNC, Construction, Operators, Electricians
  • Design and Implementation of Internship programs for the managers and various professional occupations 
  • Business Coaching and Mentoring
  • Disabled Learnership Programmes


  • Networking to strengthen a company’s BEE procurement
  • Enhancing your company's purchases through 51% black owned businesses
  • Increasing your company's purchases from 30% black female companies
  • Identifying and screening of BEE accredited suppliers
  • Setting-up of SMME’s in order to strengthen a company’s BEE procurement

Enterprise Development:

  • Development, establishment and management of Enterprise Development Projects, Co-operatives and other Broad Based Empowerment Programs
  • Setting up and management of BEE Incubators
  • Identifying and screening of ED organizations
  • Matchmaking and deal structuring between your company and SMME’s

Socio Economic Development:

  • Identifying and screening of SED accredited organizations
  • Development and Management of SED programmes
  • Setting up and management of School Fee and Bursary programmes, as part of SED