BEE Aligned Training Solutions

BEE Aligned Training Solutions

  • Learnerships, SETA accredited, falls into Category D of Learning Program Matrix. Qualify for SETA grants, section 12 H Tax Rebates and Youth Subsidies. Could be fully outsourced which means that we will recruit the learners, train the learners and provide workplace experience
  • Internships for Post Graduates,  accredited by various organizations, falls into a Category C of the Learning Programme Matrix. The programme is based on a 12 month's internship model and includes a strong mentorship component - suitable for any industry and any occupation. Claim training cost and salaries for BEE recognition purposes. Section 12H Tax Rebates and Youth Subsidies are applicable
  • Category B, C and D programmes are all recognized as part of BEE "headcount" and training expenditure at a 100% BEE recognition value.
  • Would you rather work with a learner with a Grade 12 or a person with an academic degree?
  • Do you struggle with a high abscondment rate? Do you struggle to earn the 5 absorption points? With post graduates the employability of candidates are much higher, with much lower abscondment rates.
  • 121 Accredited Short Courses (Online), falling into Cateogry E and 100% recognition for BEE purposes. These courses cover 14 different training categories, including Personal Development, Business Skills, IT, SA Compliancy, etc
  • BEE Analyst, with 7 years of BEE experience, will take the pain away and manage your skills programmes on your behalf, resulting in a complete pack of evidence for BEE verification purposes, SETA Discretionary Grants and Section 12H rebates, This skills development solution is supported by a full payroll service for all learners. 


B-BBEE Fundamentals (What is BEE?) - An eLearning Model:

Purpose of the eBEE Training Course:

Do you know what B-BBEE is and how it can impact your business? It is important for all organisations to understand what B-BBEE is, the potential impact on your business and how to achieve the best possible BEE score on the applicable industry scorecard. Achieving BEE compliancy, and a good BEE level, is complex and could be very expensive unless you understand the basic principles of the B-BBEE Code of Good Practise. This course will assist you to understand the fundamental principles underlying the BEE Code and how to apply it in your business and achieve the best possible score, in the most cost-effective manner.

Learning Objectives

People that completed this course  will understand:

  • The difference between a Generic and QSE scorecard;
  • The scorecard elements;
  • What are priority elements and the discounting principle;
  • How to measure the different elements; and
  • The potential impact of B-BBEE on a business.
  • High level budget requirements

Training model: 100% Online including assessments and certification

Duration: Appr 4 to 6 hours

Accreditation: Category E and CPD, measured against the Learning Program Matrix

BEE recognition : 100% recognition for BEE verification purposes.