“BEE Responsible”

BEE Analyst has successfully applied Best Practice in developing Employment Equity Plans, addressing all Department of Labour requirements. We assist our clients with:

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of your workforce
  • The development of Employment Equity Plans
  • Continued operations and deliberations of EE committees
  • Preparation and submission of annual Employment Equity Act Reports (EEA2) as required by Department of Labour

Our HR consultants will assist you in the preparation and submission of Work Skills Plans (WSP’s) and Annual Training Reports (ATR’s) meeting Labour Compliance, earn SETA grants in the form of cash, and increase the skills of your employees.

The Skills Development Levies Act requires that all companies pay 1% of monthly payroll over to SARS, which then contributes a percentage of the Skills Levy over to SETA’s.

Your business can potentially receive various financial grants from your SETA, if your skills processes are effectively managed. The challenge lies in the successful preparation and submission of your annual Work Skills Plan (WSP), and Annual Training Report (ATR) to your registered SETA. Example; by really submitting an accurate ATR, you should receive an annual SETA grant, equal to 20% of your annual SDL, in the form of cash.

The value of WSP’s and ATR’s go far beyond Labour Compliance, it is also a pre-requisite for BEE verification, and should add value to your employee development. Do you merely want to train for the sake of training, or do you want to develop high impact learning programmes, while earning Tax Rebates and SETA grants, adding tremendous value to your business?

BEE Analyst continues to be your reliable, one-stop BEE Consultation and Verification company.


"BEE Instrumental"

BEE Analyst has many well-known international, multinational and local clients:


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