Student Success Story

In January 2019, Ntandazo Nkonki enrolled for a Master’s degree in Psychology at the University of Pretoria. ASK AFRIKA selected him from manty applicants for a bursary

that covered the full tuition amount for his degree and also his full year’s accommodation at his Tuks Res.

On top of this bursary, ASK AFRIKA also offered him work experience during university holidays, for which he received a full salary. For his studies, Ntandazo urgently required a new computer to conduct his research, as his computer did not have the necessary requirements. Again ASK AFRIKA stepped in and delivered!

As they say, hard work pays off!

Ntandazo, passed all 5 his subjects with an average of 71%. Two of the subjects, he passed with distinction – 79%.

Ntandazo, will now be enrolled onto an ASK AFRIKA internship programme,  where he will be mentored to complete his Master’s Degree, and we believe he will be very successful!