A SMART MOVE – Reduce BEE costs and ACCELERATE sales by doubling down on TRAINING

Are you throwing money at the BEE issue for the sake of accumulating points (pun intended)? With the recently published unemployment rate of 34% (yeah, we top the list of 83 countries surveyed), the positive impact of a reignited Skills Development focus on our economy is undeniable.

However, for most companies, the Skills Development Pillar is more of a Black Hole where funds vanish into with no tangible result from funds spent, apart from perhaps ticking the scorecard minimum every year.


The clever people out there, tell us that increased profits may be achieved in one of two ways:

  • Decrease Costs and Expenses
  • Increase Sales

 What if you can double down on this principle? Reduce BEE Costs AND Generate Sales (and for good measure bumping up a level on your BEE Rating to keep the Government happy?)

 This is how: Incorporating stealthy training mechanisms for Skills Development and Mentoring of Sales Interns

Sounds too good to be true? You may want to scroll further down this write-up to learn more.



If the return on investment (RoI) is a priority outcome for BEE funds spent, a robust strategy is required to balance ordinary operational expenses with extra-ordinary, in this case, BEE expenses. (Btw BEE Analyst offers a nifty RoI Analytics tool to do this calculation).

In essence, this approach entails reducing the extra-ordinary expenses (skills development) by absorbing them as part of your ordinary operational expenses (sales training)

 For example: Hire interns, train them to sell, generate sales = increased profits, improved BEE rating, satisfied shareholders, get more business


Sales is a vital component in every business, and your sales employees’ aptitudes directly impact their ability to generate revenue (via existing client bases and development of new client revenue streams).

Reallocating funds to the right training initiatives (like the Sales Accelerator solution) enables one to gain from the cheapest points with reference to the Skills Development Element.

For example: Disability training and learnerships both form part of Skills Development, but the one requires significantly more investment than the other even though the points achieved remain the same.



Use RoI Multipliers to raise the Skills Development score, by spending less.

If training strategies are targeted to generating sales, conducting Sales Internships, Category C (minimal cost), and equipping trainees with the appropriate sales skills and knowledge will

  • Firstly, reduce BEE input costs when intern salaries are banked as part of BEE skills spend
  • Secondly, add much-needed points to the scorecard
  • Thirdly offer a capable sales “ninja” at the end of the training program, ready to jump in and generate sales, thus increasing your revenue

A well-crafted BEE Training Strategy will lead to compounding gains and open up additional return on investment reach in the targeted areas, such as sales and business development.

This approach results in benefit stacking of sorts for the organisation and the intern, reaching far beyond merely accumulating skills development points to achieve a desired BEE Rating.



Implementing the appropriate training strategy ultimately results in a domino effect of business wins and benefits:

  • Adequate training empowers interns by improving knowledge, productivity, and competency
  • Fully trained interns can be hired off the bat after completing the Sales Accelerator Program, avoiding pricey recruitment expenses
  • Providing these interns with permanent employment will almost guarantee their engagement, loyalty, and commitment to their job, which will improve sales retention levels (vital as sales have the highest staff turnover out of all major operational business areas)
  • The quality of sales services and standards is bound to escalate as a direct result from appropriate training
  • Due to elevated standards, customer service and consumer demand will increase
  • Revenue performance will improve, in turn posing a positive impact on profit and shareholder value

With the challenges of gaining points in the Ownership and Management Control elements, zoning in on the skills development element is a smart approach to boost points.

Therefore, with a bit of savvy maneuvering, most organisations can benefit from repurposing funds towards skills development via targeting training initiatives and score maximum points.



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