We can help you achieve your desired BEE level.

Avoid expensive and complex transactions with successful implementation from the get-go.
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“BEE efficient”

Avoid expensive and complex transactions with successful implementation from the get-go.

A plan is only a plan; it’s all about successful implementation. Your future investment in BEE related projects should go far beyond a good concept, good intentions, a good plan, and achieving BEE compliance. You should manage your risk, find the ideal partner or service provider, and structure mutually beneficial deals based on sound legal agreements. Our consultants and legal eagles are ready to assist.

Our BEE Online System can handle the “Standard DTi Sector Code”, as a Qualifying Small Enterprise (QSE) or Generic level, including all the BEE Sector Charters.

  • Standard DTi
  • Financial Sector
  • Construction
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Agri-BEE
  • Property Sector
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Integrated Transport
  • Forestry
  • Marketing, Advertising and Communication
  • Tourism

Through detail analysis of your BEE data, we transform your data into BEE insights, providing actionable recommendations, illustrated in the form of a Simulated BEE Scorecard report. Our reports will help you to understand complex BEE scenarios, to monitor progress against targets, and systematically works towards your desired BEE level.

The BEE Analyst Scenario Building methodology facilitates modelling and simulation of complex BEE scenarios assisting you to take educated and well-informed decisions on how to spend your BEE budgets, maximising your BEE points, at the lowest cost. The ultimate objective is to build an accurate and reliable database, flowing into a sound BEE strategy.


"BEE Instrumental"

BEE Analyst has many well-known international, multinational and local clients:

Drive your business while we drive your BEE status!


Our proven consulting methodologies, cover all BEE elements and project stages to achieve your desired BEE level.
We deliver what we promise. These methodologies are embedded in a robust change management process to “take your team along” in the transformation process.

“BEE Intelligent”

Our BEE Consulting Services include the following:


Let us get to work immediately, agree on desired results, collect data, process data    and create a Simulated BEE Scorecard.  It is important to get the basics right. All forecasts are carefully prepared using a solid database.


Scorecard Optimisation can only be successful if it compliments current business operations. It should not be disruptive. In most cases we have found that our clients increase their BEE level without an increase in expenditure.


Sustainability means, in simple terms, one project should compliment a different initiative over a period of time, saving money but maximising business value. Projects must achieve maturity and yild results. This is a BEE Analyst speciality.


BEE transactions may seem simple and straight forward, but it is not. Transactions should clearly define scope, responsibilities and provide a clear definition of deliverables. Let’s get the basics right to avoid disappointments in future.


Our online BEE calculator eliminates arguments on score calculations, attaches required evidence and creates forecasting scenarios on a  quarterly, and divisional basis, with consolidation functionality. While we process data, you may QA.


BEE Analyst has established excellent relationships, while maintaining independence, with a vast network of BEE verification agencies. The full verification process is managed by BEE Analyst, reducing frustrations and time-consuming activities.


BEE training is provided via our online accredited training portal, covering the Fundamental Principles of B-BBEE, followed by practical real data analysis and interpretations of your company’s BEE projects and data.


Our range of services includes an Employment Equity Plan, the establishment of your EE committee and relevant structures, assisting with EE committee meetings, adherence to general procedures flowing into you Annual EEA2 submission.   


Accurate and reliable information, when you need it most, is critical to guide your BEE investment decisions. Share information, report irregularities, ask questions, and learn more about BEE through our BEE Library and Hotline functionality.


BEE Analyst, as the experts in BEE consulting, is registered at the:

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