Let’s talk about BEE…

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment …….. also referred to BEE, is for many business executives indeed a swear word!

It is associated with politics, it is being called to be reversed racism, it is being called ………. feeding the fat cats, it is also referred to as ……. a vehicle to make the rich richer, and lately it is referred to as a vehicle for “legal” state capture …… and so you will hear many many more negative statements on BEE.

Now let me place my opinion into perspective; yes I am a white male, I am senior citizen in my late fifties, I am afrikaans speaking, and I am living on the other side of the boerewors curtain (Pretoria).

I see myself as an average South African citizen, with an average IQ, with average qualifications ……….. but I am making the statement that many people only see the negative aspects in BEE. I think it is simply because ………. negative publicity is sensational. Yes, I agree, indeed, there are many negative perceptions, many disastrous projects, many money-making schemes ……. in the BEE industry. In fact, we see it on a daily basis as BEE consultants, and the negative talk puts BEE in a “shade of darkness”.

Based on my experience during the last 9 years as a BEE consultant, I have discussed this topic, …. BEE, with many many business executives, and I have been in many board room discussions talking about the pro’s and con’s of BEE, and I know I am repeating myself, I have been exposed to many disastrous BEE projects, but I have also discovered many BEE success stories.

My conclusion is; it is very simple, South Africa needs economic and social transformation. In all my board meetings, in all my discussions with business executives, no-one questioned the basic principle: South Africa needs to go through serious and rapid transformation.

The question is HOW transformation should happen …… now I am asking you, ……….. can you truly, and with sincere honesty, state that you are conducting your business in the true spirit of BEE transformation?

Only YOU will know the answer.

Follow this series of discussions, to discover what it means to use real BEE transformation, to the benefit of your business. In this series of discussions I will call a “spade a spade”, and specifically apply the principles of the current BEE Codes, showing you the positive aspects of BEE.

We will talk about stuff that is relevant, and practical ideas, to make your BEE investments worth your while.

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